Nashville Zoo for lunch

JTC is home for two days... YAY!
So, we decided to make the best of our time together and met at the Nashville Zoo for lunch. It was a spectacular day to do it, too.

Since I had a limited amount of time, we grabbed a quick bite at the concessions and then made our way to the new elephant savannah area. Neither of us had seen the new giraffe exhibit and I hadn't seen the recently opened Lorkeet exhibit yet, either.

The giraffe are spectacular (next time I'll bring an actual camera so you don't have to put up with this crappy phone pic! HA.)

And the lorkeet are stunning. The colors seem painted on their feathers.

Tomorrow night JTC leaves with LRP for about five weeks. They'll be playing all over Texas and the West Coast... maybe even a little in the North West as well. Check out the tour schedule and catch them if you can. It's a great show.

In the meantime, I'm going to try to spend more time at the Nashville Zoo (as much as I can anyway) holdin' down the fort while John's gone, while also riding my bike, writing and working in the yard. I've got to make time to be outside more... It feels so good.

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