Oil, Sweat & Rigs

Believe it or not, I ended up watching four episodes of this yesterday. Yeah... I had better things to do... but the show just sucked me in.

Oil, Sweat & Rigs gives you a first hand look at what it is taking to repair damaged oil rigs 130 miles out in the Gulf following the devestation of Katrina and Rita. The men working on these rigs are in constant danger and away from their families for weeks / months on end. And the divers, they are amazing... they have to stay in diving chambers at 1600 pounds of pressure for two to four weeks at a time. It takes six days for them to decompress once their work is complete. And... if they're injured while repairing the rig (200 - 500 feet down), they can't be treated until they decopress. Intense.

If you get a chance to check it out, I definitely recommend it.
It's worth setting the TiVo to watch later.

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