Flowers in my room

When I arrived to my hotel room yesterday afternoon, I walked in to find the room supplied with fresh cut flowers.

"How nice?!" I thought to myself, "Fresh flowers in the room... what a nice touch."

the following thoughts began firing in rapid succession for about five seconds:

"Why are they in a vase box?"
"What is that little piece of paper stuck in them?"
"HEY... I think these are for ME!"
"Who could have sent them?"
"I already got a present from JTC."
"No one else knows where I'm staying."
"Could it be a friend?
"Who else knows where I am?!"

"Did I tell Denice when we talked on Saturday?"

As I read the card, I started to cry... tears of happiness, of course.
They WERE from Denice.
My best girlfriend in the whole world sent them to me as a surprise for my birthday.
They were beautiful.
She blew me away.

How lucky am I to have a friend who is so thoughtful?!
Thank you Denice!
Your flowers were the highlight of my birthday.
I love you, sistah.

UPDATE 04.28.06:
To get the flowers home, I left the vase in the room, wrapped the bottom of the stems in a wet washcloth, put a shower cap over the washcloth, rolled the flowers up inside my free USA Today and then covered it all with two dry cleaning bags. After my bag was packed and the clothes secured by that mesh thingy, I placed the flower, paper, plastic bundle diagonally across the inside of my suitcase and zipped them up. This all happened at about 7 a.m. CT. By the time I arrived back in Nashvegas it was past 4 p.m. The first thing I did was unwrap them to see how they survived... and believe it or not... they looked fabulous. Only one red Gerber daisy was sacrificed. They're still beautiful and sitting in the dining room window.

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Denice said...

Aahhww...I just saw this. Haven't read your blog for a while, and just on a break. I'm SO glad you were surprised and that you loved the flowers. Just wanted to make your day. So thankful for you. Can't wait to see you there in a few days. Talk to ya soon. Love ya ~ Denice