Duh Erika

Boogie is playing you.

I had a session last night, so I didn't get to see Janelle's demise, but I must say... I am disappointed in Erika. She's clueless. Maybe I'll find out later that she knew and just thought she had a better chance of winning with Boobie... um... I mean Boogie... by her side.

Seriously... It could happen.

But, I doubt it.

I'm still hoping Erika wins... eventhough at this point, Boobie has probably played a better game.

PS: I'm glad Storm's out. Go TOBY!


Linda said...

I have no idea what you're talking about, and I'm afraid if I click on those links, my brain might melt, but Go TOBY!!

BBLogan said...

Doobs... you just cracked me up HUGE.

t said...

hahaha....Funny Linda.

I'm rooting for Erika and Toby too! Same reasons. I didn't like Storm and I don't like Lucus either. I hope that Ryan gets to come back....