OK Go treadmill video

Wow. Last night... or rather... early this morning I was channel surfing and this video of the song "Here it goes again" by OK Go was on VH1. It's completely choreographed on treadmills. Looks like it had to be shot without any edits... one camera... no stops. Not easy to do... especially when dancing on treadmills! It's amazing and wild. If it hadn't been for the video being so intriguing, I'm not sure I would have listened to the song. Smart.

And... even more smart... the band challenged people to make their own videos of their songs and submit them for a contest. There's even a "rescue the band" game, podcasts, and a blog. Wow. Talk about a great idea... and a way to build loyalty and return visits.

So... because of these great ideas, I now know about the band OK Go.

And I just posted about it to tell others about how cool it is, too.

Hmmmm... hmmm.
Not like anything else.

What a novel idea!
It gives me hope.


Linda said...

They still play music videos on VH1???

BBLogan said...

Well... it was like 3:30 a.m. Just filler until the gossip shows and lame movies were scheduled to begin.