Jon Coleman, Lee Roy Parnell & Friends TONIGHT

Hey friends!

I know this is short notice, but wanted to make sure you knew about an incredible night of music at 12th & Porter tonight.

8 p.m. Ken Johnson
9 p.m. Jon Coleman, Lee Roy Parnell & friends (that's me, Clocky, Erik & Charles)

It's gonna be a rockin' night.

Hope you can swing it!

UPDATE: The show was a hit. Jon and the guys really had a great time and Lee Roy sat in on two of Jon's songs, "Amy" and "Dog's Life". Then LRP closed out the set with two of his own songs, "Back to the Well" and "Saving Grace". It was awesome. There were tons of great people there, too... Thanks to everyone for coming out.


Daneille said...

Thanks for the update Jeanne. Did you and Jon perform Please Don't Go?

BBLogan said...

You're welcome! We didn't perform that song, but we did a whole bunch of other cool ones.