6 weird things about me

Way back on 11/30 I was tagged by Linda... unfortunately life has been getting in the way of my blog posting and reading time latesly. So, I finally saw the post last week... and I know it's late... but I'll give it a shot anyway.

6 weird things about me
  1. This farm girl used to get confused by eating times... for example, to me "lunch" meant "dinner" and "dinner" meant "supper". (Lunch is a snack you have at 4 or 5 in the afternoon, usually out in the field.) Of course, now that I'm officially a "town girl" after living away from home for almost 20 years, I've settled into the city terminology. Now, when I go home to visit I get confused. Heh... go figure.

  2. My favorite Christmas movie ever is "Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas".

  3. I used to chase hot air balloons. Seriously. My friend Kay and her husband Mark are professional hot air balloon pilots. I crewed and flew with for her for several years... and even trained to be a pilot. It's amazing. I highly recommend it.

  4. I graduated from college without having to borrow money to pay for it. Had a little dough from my Grandparents and I sold my 4-H animals to help save for college tuition. Since that wasn't quite enough to complete my college experience, I always had at least two, sometimes three jobs. I was a pizza delivery driver, an X-ray transporter, a waitress, a cook, a marketing assistant and a resident assistant... all the while carrying 18 - 20 credit hours a semester. Needless to say, between studying, class and work, I slept about 2 - 3 hours a night. (My friend Denice recently confessed to me that she thought I was certifiable at the time.)

  5. I don't like to sleep. I always feel like I'm missing out on something. It may have something to do with #4.

  6. I'm a little OC about cupboard and fridge organization. At home, everything has its place and, thankfully, John only occassionally uses my obsession to mess with me. I even find myself reorganizing the cupboards and fridge at work. All the snacks in one place, all the soda on the same shelf in rows, etc. Oh yeah... and there can only be one of something open at a time... one peanut butter, one butter, one milk, etc. It's a sickness.
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Linda said...

JJ's with you on the "if I fall asleep, I'll miss something"... Probably because so often, he falls asleep in one place and wakes up miles away!

Sarah said...

And when you don't sleep, you take pictures of yourself so that you can know what you would look like, if you were, in fact, sleeping.

BBLogan said...

sssshhhhhhhhh... that is our little secret.
Don't believe her blog peeps... it's not true... I swear.

Denice said...

I have a few "weird" things about me too, like...OH...and Jeanne...I totally agree with you about the "lunch" vs. "dinner" vs. "supper". I still go by how it's done on the farm...and everyone else can seem confused : )

1. Continuing to be attached to my Sears Jr. Bazar light purple parka that I got in 8th grade. My mom bought it for me, and it has sentimental value. It's like my woobie. In fact I'm wearing it as I write this...trying it on after hemming the sleeves up a 1/4 of an inch to hide a little wear and tear there. Some of my friends seem to have a problem with this. Why it bothers them so much, I really don't know....but it's their choice to waste of their brain cells thinking about it....not mine. And,....it's not their coat! : ) If you're wondering....No...I don't think I am ever going to give it up.

2. Whenever I get tired or bored, I rest my lips on the back of my hand, and smell that scent your body makes when it mixes with the lotion or perfume you've worn for hours. It reminds me of my mom, and her scent....and it's very comforting. I've done this since I was really little....and figure it's not hurting anyone...but people have asked what the heck I'm doing when this is observed : )

3. I always have at least 3 cans/bottles/glasses/cups....of something to drink in them whether it's water, coffee, pop, juice. I leave these sitting around my home...and in my car. (I've done this most of my adult life). Though it doesn't bother me...it has been known to annoy a few other people....hence...having no room for them to put their can of pop in the cup holder in my car. I have gotten better about actually drinking what I have opened and throwing pop cans away when they're empty, rather than 3 things sitting half full.

4. I can be a "highly sensitive" person, and too much going on around me tends to shut me down. That is....I feel physically drained, tired, unable to keep my focus, and pretty much just want to go take a nap. It doesn't matter that it's an exciting or happy event.....although those kinds of things are enjoyable. I usually have to be prepared to go to a concert, or to the mall, a baseball game or some other busy place where there are a huge amount of people. This can also apply to family and friends who are excited or need to talk for an extended time about something. I've just learned I have to be prepared, and know that for a couple of hours....I just have to deal....and then I can go relax in solitude later. I have NO problem being completely alone to enjoy peace and quiet after these times....no tv, no music.....just serenity.

5. People don't realize they can be rude or hurtful with comments, but things are said about my body frame/size. I was blessed by my parents with a high metabolism, and I am one of few women I know who doesn't think about what she eats or what she wears. I don't go by sizes for any of my clothes....I go by how it fits....whether it's a size 16 in the girls/Jr. section or sizes 4-10 in the women's section. Size does not matter to me....it has to be soft, warm, & comfortable. I also have to cut the tags out of the backs of all my shirts and sweaters....as the tags irritate my neck so much I can't wear them until the tags are removed.

Well...those are just a few things that continue to come up that other people have noticed about me consistently. There are plenty more....but that will have to be another chapter : )