Phishers Use Coke and McDonald's as Brand Bait

Don't take the bait friends... they're thieves!

From the AdAge e-newsletter...
Bogus Web Sweepstakes Use Identities of Nonfinancial Companies - NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- A November e-mail signed by a Hong Kong-based Coca-Cola sales and marketing manager promised a Mercedes-Benz ML Jeep convertible and a chance at $800,000 cash for entries submitted to a link in the e-mail. The offer didn't signify an aggressive interactive-marketing effort. It was a "phishing" expedition. And the first clue might have been that there is no such car as a Mercedes-Benz ML Jeep convertible.

If you receive suspicious e-mail, report it to: PhishTank.com

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Anonymous said...

Yeah,I've got one of those Mercedes Benz Jeeps...