My friend David at Teambonding e-mailed me about a cool experience he had at the airport yesterday.

"At the airport, we had to change planes so in between, I went to get lunch for the flight, a sandwich. I was standing behind two men. The one in the front of the line was a soldier on his way back to Iraq. The guy in front of me thanked the soldier for his service and they had a conversation about how the American public looked and thought about the effort. The guy in front of me was a Vietnam Vet and I listened to the conversation, entranced in the moment of the soldier really appreciating the kind words. When they got to the cashier, the guy in front of me paid for the soldiers lunch. It was a heartwarming moment only topped by the cashier saying that it was the third time it happened that day. No matter what your politics, it was nice to see and it made me proud that there were people out there doing that."

The story inspired me... so I thought I'd pass it along to you.

We need more of this in the world.

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lcreekmo said...

That is a great story.