Atlanta St. Louis... Here we come!

OK... so JTC is off for the holiday weekend. No gigs plus we both have Monday off, too. So we thought we'd take a trip to Hot-lanta. Since we moved to Nashvegas almost 5 years ago, we've only traveled through Atlanta on the way to / from other places. So, we thought it would be cool to take a little adventure to see the zoo, catch Randall Bramlett / King Johnson at the jazz festival and take in the city.

Well, yesterday we scrapped that idea when a friend of ours who is actually in Atlanta right now advised against it. He let us know that there is definitely a gas shortage and that the hotels were filling up with displaced Mississippi residents. It probably wouldn't be the best weekend to explore Atlanta and there was a strong possibility that we'd pay $6 / gallon for gas... if we could find some.

SO... we've shifted gears and have decided to go to St. Louis instead.

We're taking off after I get off work today.
**fingers crossed**
I'm hoping I'll get to leave work early today. If so, we may get into St. Louis in time to catch some good music and/or a movie or something.

Got a great rate at the downtown Marriott on Hotwire.com. We're going to the zoo for the entire day tomorrow. Believe it or not, the St. Louis Zoo is free and one of the best zoos in the country. They've got a cool new "Fragile Forest" exhibit that we're excited to see. (PLUS, John is a zoo guru... he can tell you anything and everything about most any animal and most any zoo. It is very fun to go zooing with him.)

If we're not too worn out from the zoo, we'll probably try to find somewhere cool to eat and maybe catch some good music tomorrow night.

Not sure what is on the agenda for Sunday yet... maybe we'll sleep in and do NOTHING at all until it is time to drive back to Nashville. (That sounds like the most fun to me right now.)

If any of you have any other ideas / recommendations about things we can do and/or visit while we're there, let me know.


Laura Creekmore said...

Oooh I wish I had seen this before you left. There is a REALLY great Italian restaurant in St. Louis. I LOVE it. Of course that is one of my favorite cities in the world -- being the home of the Cardinals. But it's also just a great city to visit. Friendly folks, lots to do....

If you are crazy enough to be reading this on your holiday weekend [just say no], be sure to go to Union Station -- beautiful and fun places to eat -- and of course the Arch and the park that goes all along the riverfront.

Oh and I can also recommend historic St. Charles. A lovely side trip.

Are the Cards in town? Of course that is the best part. ;)

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