The one time I leave early...

Saturday night I went out to see a bunch of friends perform at a Hurricane Katrina benefit at the Country Music Hall of Fame Lounge (in the Best Western just down from the roundabout on Division Street).

It was great. Tons of great songwriters and performers... all for a great cause (of course).

Well, at around 9:30 or 10, my allergies were getting the best of me. I kept sneezing and sniffling... and was just annoyed with myself over it. So, I decided to leave early.

AND, wouldn't you know it?! The one time I decide to leave early... I missed out on something BIG.

Guess who showed up at the HOF Lounge right after my allergies sent me on my way?!

Neil Young.

Yeah... that's right... you read correctly.

Neil Young.

And, as ND would say in reference to me, "Idiot."

While Mr. Young didn't sit-in, he did hang with friends in the audience. Isn't that cool?! Apparently he's been in town recording a new album and shooting a video.

Ahhhhhhh... foiled again! I missed my brush with greatness... oh well. Maybe I'll get to meet him another time? I can only hope.

**fingers crossed**

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