I made fried green tomatoes

Yesterday's living section featured a story about making fried green tomatoes, "In Search of Fried Green Perfection."

I tried to figure out how to make them years ago when the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" came out... but they pretty much sucked. So, until I moved to Nashville, they were really only a movie title to me.

Then, I ordered them at the Cooker a few years ago. Wow. Were they good. Since then I've also enjoyed them at South Street and hmmm... somewhere else... just can't remember right now the Tin Angel (B - L - FGT sandwich. EXCELLENT.)

Well, last night I made the recipie from the Tennessean. (This is an actual photo of BB's first legitimate attempt at making fried green tomatoes!) I had to make a few adjustments to accomodate ingredients I didn't have in the cupboard, but they turned out mighty fine. I'll definitely be making them again.

In fact, I'm eating the left-overs for lunch RIGHT NOW.



Laura Creekmore said...

Those look delicious!!

Alison said...

YUM YUM!!!! I love me some fried green tomatoes!

dp said...

I also made these for the first time last year as sort of a rite of passage into southern living. Yours look like they turned out great!

My absolute favorite fried vegetable is fried pickles. Why do they fry everything in the south? Do we know? Laura would probably know, after all she is fixin' supper.

BBLogan said...

They were very yummy. I think we should have a FGT party. We'll cook fried green tomatoes and watch the movie! **wink**

Alison said...

That sounds like a blast! :) Let's do it!