Saturday matinee

JTC and I went to a 1 p.m. matinee of Daltry Calhoun on Saturday in Cool Springs. Contrary to some of the critic reviews out there, we liked it. It isn't Oscar winning or anything, but it is entertaining and has a cool message. (Sometimes I think the critics are out of touch.) There were several story lines going on at once, but like a good Seinfeld episode, they all came together at the end. It's a quirky feel good movie. I cried (didn't expect that) and laughed. Johnny Knoxville was surprisingly believable. The person who really made the movie was Sophie Traub, the girl who played his daughter June. She's going to be one to watch.

When I heard BMT's song play, I felt myself getting a little choked up. Not sure why, just happy for them I guess. "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" begins to play as the movie ends and the credits begin to roll, you hear Ricky's dobro fade up and then Micol's sweet, soulful voice. Sooooo cool.

After seeing the movie, we went and bought the soundtrack. The song selection for the movie was excellent and the hidden track of BMT's fast version of "Put You Head on My Shoulder" was soulfully rockin'.

Please go see the movie.

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