He went to MEXICO.

According to the news this morning, Perry March has a hearing to try to get out of jail on bond today. Apparently he and his lawyer think the judge just fell off the turnip truck.

Quote from the News 2 story:
"On Thursday, he is due in criminal court to ask a judge to set bail or release him on his own recognizance."

Can you believe that?!

OK... I just need to say this, if Perry March gets out of jail on his "own recognizance" I will be stunned.

He went to MEXICO nine years ago when he wasn't even charged with anything. Now that he's actually been charged with her murder, he's got even more reason to get out of dodge. I wouldn't put anything past this man. He'll run... you know he will.. and he'll leave those kids, his family and wife in the dust to save his own butt. No doubt about it.


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