BB's secret Saturday song pact

Saturday night a bunch of us went out to see Tom Hambridge (7 p.m.), the 3 Ring Circus writers (8:30 p.m. - JS's publishing group), Jeffrey Steele and the guys (10 p.m.) tear it up at 3rd.

As you all know if you read this blog, Jeffrey Steele is one of my favorite artists / songwriters in Nashville... in the country for that matter. On top of that, I'm also beginning to get to know him, slowly but surely, on a more personal level which only makes me respect him more. He's good people.

Anyway, over the past year, he's busted my chops at least three times because I don't just jump up and sing with him when the urge strikes. Last time this happened, I told him that as a performer, I'm trying to respect his stage and that it just feels weird to get up there without being asked ahead of time. He said he understood that but basically said if you feel it, you got to do it... and that you got to make your own opportunities. He didn't know Bekka Bramlett the first time she jumped up and sang with him... and he loved it. After that, I felt like he thought I was just a chickenshit and copping out.

Well, you know, and I know, that is NOT the case. But I couldn't have one of my mentors thinking I was just making excuses now could I?!

So, Saturday night, I made a secret pact with myself. I told myself that if Jeff played "Dance" I would go for it. By the time the JS show began at 10, I was already feeling a little gross and was a little hoarse from trying to talk over the music and the smoke. A couple hours passed, he hadn't played the song and I started giving myself a little pep talk in my head, "Well, God is probably trying to help me out so that I can bring it with a fully healthy voice next time. If it is meant to be, it is meant to be. If not, that's okay, too. blah blah blah..."

I actually felt a little relieved.

Until, toward the end of the show, a woman came up to our table, borrowed a pen and a piece of paper, and then wrote the word "Dance" in big black letters across the entire sheet. Uh oh. This was it. Would he play her request?


As soon as she laid it on the stage, he read it and started the song.

"What the hell!" I thought, "Go for it, BB." So, I stood, walked over to Steve C's side of the stage and asked Steve if I could use his mic. (BTW: Steve has also encouraged to get me to jump in and sing... so he was more than happy to oblige.)

When I first started singing, my mic was muted... then Mikey (sound man) saw what was happening and punched me in. Soon, Jeff looked over and just gave me a HUGE smile. Somehow, by the grace of God, I just forced it out over the hoarseness. AND, I think it came off alright. We had a blast singing together and hopefully it didn't come off weird.

The song ended. Jeff gave me a "high five" and a big hug. And, as I walked off the stage he said to the audience, "Now that girl can sing..." Or something like that (I didn't actually hear him say it... that is what I was told he said. I was too busy trying to figure out how to get through the crowd to notice. Funny.

It was an amazing night. So amazing that I think between going out and traveling to DC, I've sent myself into a little sickness relapse. Of course, I couldn't talk at all on Sunday morning when I woke up... but it was worth it.

Oh well.
Tonight I will sleep.


Emily said...

Good for you.I'm glad you did it!

Alison said...

That's awesome Jeanne! Aren't you glad you did it? I'm so proud of you!

Alison :)