Rotorooter saves the day!

Well... yesterday, just before John and I started to get things going for our little Thanksgiving feast, I was doing a little kitchen cleaning. I had filled one of the sinks with water, but when I went to drain it, the water wouldn't go down. In fact, it was oozing into the other sink. So, I turned on the disposal to see if I could get it to go down.

No luck.

By this time, John and I were both trying to figure out the next step. We put some drain clog stuff down the non-disposal side of the sink. Still no luck. As we were waiting for the kitchen sinks to drain, John went into our master bathroom... where both of those sinks were backed up with junk from the kitchen sink.

Uh oh.

We decided to try to unclog those as well (which I wouldn't do again) so, John drove off to get more drain cleaner. When he returned, we had enough to put in both kitchen sinks, both bathroom sinks and the tub (for good measure). Time to see what would happen in the next 60 minutes.

Tick tock.

As we waited to see if the nasty chemicals worked (they didn't), I grabbed our handy dandy homeowner maintenance book. There I got a quick plumbing 101 and discovered that we were probably looking at a main drain clog. In the book said it was much cheaper and easy to fix yourself . Just needed to rent the right equipment and be ready to clean up the mess. If it were a Saturday and we weren't waiting for company to come over, maybe. But, Thankgsiving Day?

I don't think so.

Instead of taking a chance with our own plumbing incompetence, we decided to throw in the towel... so to speak.

Hello yellow pages.

Wow. I had no idea there were so many plumbing services in Nashville. And, all of them were clamoring for the emergency business. Ultimately, I went with Rotorooter because I had a good experience using them when we were still in Sioux Falls. And, because their ad said that emergency was their specialty... and they made it clear that they were always available, 24 / 7 plus holidays.

So, I called.

It was about 9:30 by the time we dialed the phone. Within 10 minutes an appointment was scheduled. A Rotorooter technician would be there between 10 and Noon.

More waiting.

With the extra time on our hands, I called Karleen and let her know we were experiencing technical difficulties and asked if she was okay moving the turkey eating time to mid-afternoon. She was.

Good news.

JTC and I decided to make the most of the waiting game by cleaning. Something we never seem to do enough of around here... it felt good.

No time wasted.

The phone at around 10:35... it was Rotorooter dispatch telling us their man was on the way.


At about 11 a.m. he arrived and went to town. I followed him around like a curious little kid. It was cool to see how everything comes together. He was so nice and I was very thankful that he came so quickly to help us on the holiday. I know... he was on call... but so what?

It still sucked.

But he didn't complain and was soooo helpful. Patiently, he answered all my, "What's that?" "Is it working?" "What are you looking for when you do that?" "Do you want some coffee?" Where are you from?"

Blah blah blah.

When he actually used the "rotorooter" it went 35 feet into our pipes. The whole fix took less than an hour. Wow.

Mr. Rotorooter saved the day!

Eventhough the clog cost us about three ours of turkey grilling time and the dinner was delayed, it all worked out pretty well. And, it wasn't that expensive... at least it wasn't as expensive as I expected it to be.


By 4 p.m., John and I were back on track... showered and everything! Karleen came for dinner. (She even brought crackers and a cheese ball... and all the fixin's to make fruit smoothies. Mmmmm yum.) Later, Steve C and Cat came over to join the three of us for pumpkin pie and coffee.

Good times.

Hope your Thanksgiving was incredible and way less uneventful!

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