The final goodbye.

John and I made the 10 hour trip to Iowa yesterday to be with his Grandpa and the family. We are very glad we were able to be here with everyone and to say "goodbye" to his Grandpa one last time.

He passed away early this morning. While we are all sad, we are also relieved that Matt is now at peace. I envision him sitting up in Heaven having a cup of coffee with his brothers, laughing and feeling no more pain. They're probably talking about farming, cattle and comparing stories about their lives... talking about what they have to get done before we all get there one day.

The funeral is most likely going to be Wednesday. John and I will return to Nashville on Thursday. Most likely, I won't be posting again until I return from the trip.

Thanks, again for all your thoughts and prayers.


Denice said...

Jeanne & Johnny ~

I'm SO sorry to hear about Grandpa Matt's death. My heart just hurts for your loss. But, I'm so glad you were able to get back to Iowa and say good-bye's and be with all your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers ~ as well as Tom and Gertie and your other family. Love you and I'll talk to ya both soon.

~ Denice

Anonymous said...

Thanks D.