Today's insidious time waster

OK... got this link from Mike, my friend in Texas. Once again, he's hooked me up with a good'n.

Click away and give it a try.

It takes a bit of practice and a responsive mouse. You put your arrow on the red thingie and move it around so none of the blue thingies hit it... and don't let the red thingie hit the wall!

Good luck.
Happy time wasting.


Busy Mom said...

Can't get past 11 seconds. Stupid walls.

BBLogan said...

I know! Me either... but I'm determined.

Alison said...

You're right! I'm hooked. :) I can't get past 11 seconds either.

Emily said...

Fianlly got to 19.015!But I don't go out any more.I just sit and try to save my red tingie from certain doom.

dp said...

I made it to 18.754 seconds. Sweet!

BBLogan said...

You guys are AMAZING.
I bow to Emily and DP.