Phlegm fest.

OK... I'm finally sick of being sick. Since tomorrow will mark one week since I started feeling icky, I decided I'm going to the doctor TODAY.

This ain't allergies, folks.
**cough**hack**choke**she sighs as she sanitizes her hands... again**

Tried to go to the walk-in clinic just around the corner from work, but the doctor had been called away to an emergency. So, I made an appointment to go back at 2:30 today.

Wish me luck... I want some kick ass drugs to kick this out of my big ass!

Hey... I typed ass... twice.
Hee hee.

I'm sure the people I work with and John will be happy to know that the "phlegm fest" may be coming to an end... SOON.

YAY! Just returned from seeing the doctor and they're calling in a Zpack to the pharmacy for me right now. Got some real Rx on the way. **sweet** The Dr. also gave me some heavy duty Rx strength cough med samples (they'll make me sleepy... so I won't be able to take them at work... sorry peeps.) Anyway... I'll be phlegm free in less than FIVE DAYS. Wheeeehhhheeeeeeeee!

SO... the moral of this story is... if you're getting and/or got the crud, don't wait a week like me. Go get something now. Kick it in the pants before it kicks YOU in the pants.


Linda said...

Stay away from me, sicky!


I mean, hope you're feeling better soon!!!

BBLogan said...

I'm tryin not to stalk you!
**I swear... really.**
That's so sick.
And, am constantly armed with sanitizer in my purse, pocket and desk... don't want to get any of my mommy-to-be compadres sick.