Take me home

Got a new continuous loop song going in my head.

I just got Marc Broussard's CD and can't get past track one, "Take Me Home."

When I first heard the song on CMT, I was blown away.

First, because it is incredible; and second, because I can't figure out how it ended up in the CMT rotation... and, now that I have the album, I'm really confused. There's not a lick of country on it.

Oh well... whatever the reason he's on CMT, I'm glad. If I hadn't been zapped by the song while watching it, I might never have discovered this yummy little nugget.

Broussard's sound is Marc Cohn meets Stevie Wonder meets Johnny Lang... and when you hear his voice you'd never guess that he's only 22 years old.

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Sarah Ashlee said...

Marc Broussard ROCK's my world. His CD, I think it's Carencro, is amazing. Don't get it if you don't want these songs stuck in your head...because they will be!