Baby alligators in the cove

JTC and I only got to visit the Zoo once this weekend... but it was awesome nonetheless. We were one of the first through the gates and were able to see all of the animals as they were starting their day.

The tigers weren't even out yet, but they were in their pens. Turns out, the pens are closer to the walking path than their actual exhibit. Of course, I forgot my camera and my cell phone camera didn't pick them up well as we could only see them through the trees. Let's just say, it was amazing. They were very close and were watching us very closely. I'm sure they were thinking we looked like cool humans to eat.

Everything was wide awake. The lemurs, the markeets, the red pandas, the clouded leapords, the gibbons... spectacular. The cougar was even right at the front of his place and gave us an eery "meow" welcome. I definitely recommend getting there early, not just because it's a great way to avoid the crowds and heat, but mainly because all the animals are so active.

Anyway... back to the real reason I'm writing this post.

The Alligator Cove was officially open.

The first thing you see when you come around the path is this rickety looking "fish shack" that serves as the cove's main viewing point. Visitors walk in to a big window that opens up to see the entire area.

The alligators are just baby's... two feet long at best. Not sure how many are in there, but it looked like there were at least 20 or so. They were swimmin' around and weren't shy at all.

Then we exited the fish shack, walked around the path to the underwater viewing area. There were a couple just hangin' out down there... it was so cool.

As you can see, I was able to get some fairly decent cell phone pics of the gators and the cove.

Now... go see the alligators.
And don't forget the camera.
**heh heh**

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