Celebration Cake

I'm not sure how I ended up watching this last night... but I got sucked into the Celebration Cake on the Food Network.

Basically, ten chefs were paired up into five teams of two... the twist was that the members of each team didn't actually know who they were going to be teamed up with until right before the competition began. The prize for the best "celebration" cake was $10,000. (That's a lot of "batter" to risk when you don't really have a plan or know your cake partner.)

In the first half of the challenge, they traded off working on their cakes seperately... it was very interesting. They couldn't talk to each other between shifts or communicate at all... so they were flyin' by the seat of their pants. The teams who had communicated the vision to each other best at the beginning of the competition seemed to work together the best.

During the second half of the challenge, the teams worked together to finish their creations. It was really interesting to watch. It was like sports for pastry chefs.

Once the horn blew and the challenge was complete, each team had to move their ginormous cakes from the kitchen to the display table. While the distance wasn't that far... it was a little nerve racking watching them. Some of the cakes seemed a little "leany" and I was just waiting for one of them to slide.

Anyway... all cakes made it safely to their tables. My favorites were the Green Team's and the Pink Team's cakes.

Then... it was time to find out who "took the cake".

Third place went to the Grey Team.
Second place went to the Pink Team.

And... dah da dahhhhh...
First place and $10,000 big ones went to: THE GREEN TEAM

**loud cheering**
**jumping up and down**

Oh... what an exciting life I lead.

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