My next car?

OMGoodness... never thought I'd want a car this small, but after seeing the Davinci Code (they escaped one scene in a little teeny car) I've been reconsidering.

Then, last night, I saw a commercial for the Honda Fit Car. It looks so fun, efficient and economical. And... the pricing is reasonable, too. Wasn't really lookin for another car payment... but... I may have to work the numbers to see if we could consider tradin' my Subaru for one of these.

Since we've already got one drum haulin' machine... this might be just what the doctor ordered for my new commute.

Whaddya think?!


Chez Bez said...

I saw one at work the other day and it looked oh so awesome.

I'm 6'2" and I believe I'd fit (sorry) quite nicely into one.

From what I recall, it's been on the Japanese market for a few years but introducing it to US drivers has been a slow and careful build.

BBLogan said...

Yeah... I'm thinking we may have to test drive one a couple times...or three...or four.... Buying a car is such a big decision. John and I tend to torture sales people because of it. Oh well... if I like it and we can make the numbers work... I may end up driving one of these by the end of the year!