No clutch. No Fit.

So... I'm drivin' home from work last night... took Thompson Lane cause I-24 looked backed up and slow.


Cause as I was driving down the hill towards the intersection of Thompson Lane and Nolansville Rd, my clutch pedal went loose when I went to shift gears. All the gears did was grind when I tried to shift, and then the clutch pedal dropped to the floor completely.

Thankfully, I was in neutral and there was no oncoming traffic, so I coasted into the Nissan Dealership and parked.

Now what?!

So, I called Craig (at Meineke on Nolansville Rd where I take my car for everything but engine stuff... they're AWESOME) and asked him if: A) he'd be able to help me and B) what he thought the problem could be.

Well, A) they don't work on clutches (DRAT.) but Larry's Auto next door does (Whew.) and B) It sounds like your hydraulics went out and/or your clutch slave is leaking or something. (DRAT again.)

So, Clocky was soon on his way to pick me up as I went over to talk to the Nissan lot manager. He said I could leave my car in their lot overnight but that I couldn't leave it in the front of the lot where it was... so, he and a few of his people pushed my car around back to wait for its tow-truck ride to Larry's Auto this morning.

My car won't get looked at until Monday, so I'm gonna be hitchin' rides the last week of work, most likely. Help!

Sooooo, what better opportunity to seriously start looking at my next car option. After we had everything under control, Clocky and I went to test drive the Honda Fit with Gary (our sales guy) at our favorite dealership in Franklin, Darrell Waltrip Honda.

Well, here's the scoop on the Fit. First off, there is a three month waiting list for one. (Not exactly optimal at this juncture. ) And while it is really cute... it is also really small. I mean... really small. I don't think I could drive it long term. If I were ever in an accident in it... I'd be toast. It drove really quiet, shifted smoothly and even had a little punch to it... but it felt like I was driving a rollerskate.

Too make sure I wasn't judging too harshly, I drove a Civic for comparison. And, discovered, that I really want to stick to JTC and my original thoughts on my next car (which we've been pondering for about a year now)... it will probably be another Civic (I've owned two before and loved them.)

So... there's no Fit in my car future.

But... there is probably a different car in my future... most likely a Civic.

I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE 07/24/06: Larry's Auto says it is defninitely my clutch master and slave cylinder that went out on my car. So... sometime around Thursday, we'll probably have about $500 less in our checking account. Drat. Oh well, at least the car is paid for and I don't have a monthly car payment. Well, not yet anyway. **wink**
Clocky and I are gonna have to do some creative car sharing for the next couple days.


Linda said...

Whew! Glad you were OK through all of that. And how fortunate for JTC to be in town!

And sorry I no longer live around the corner from you, 'cause you know I'd offer a ride.

t said...

You seem to have some really special powers...maybe you should try "The Bionic Car". (that would be cool to say too)