Really fresh lettuce?

Look closely at the package. Just below the words Fresco Lavado....

According to the email in which I received this photoshop'd pic, what probably happened is, the water the lettuce was washed in contained polliwogs and these became fresh new frogs, right in the packages.


Is it just me, or does "the polliwog in the package" seem a little sketchy?


Happy Birthday Karleen

My friend Karleen had a birthday today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY little K!)

So, I painted a real picture (not just squiggly stuff) to commemorate her incredible songwriting talents and persistance.

Karleen is amazing on so many levels... I cannot even begin to explain. Someday you'll be singing along to her songs... you may not even know she wrote them... but, they will be her legacy.

I'm so very proud to call her friend.


Petey O'Possum

As you may know, Johnny and I have a little bird watching haven in our back yard. And... we see so much more than just birds! We've got squirrel, rabbit, chipmunk, blue heron, coyote, racoon, turtles, possums, too. With the exception of the squirrel and chipmunk, everything else keeps its distance.

Recently, we discovered we've got a BOLD little opossum, too. Earlier this week, he raided the bird coffers for at least 30 minutes before he realized a) it was morning... the sun was out... he needed to hide; and, b) there were two funny looking humans looking at him through the window and from the screened in porch.

Johnny named him "Petey"cause he looked like a juvenile who didn't know any better yet. Hopefully he won't find out the hard way that he needs to hide when the sun comes up. Heh.

Don't tell Petey... but he's kinda cute in a creepy-sort-of-furry-rat-like way. Heh.


Hitmen Premieres on Wednesday

Of course... and like a doo doo head... I scheduled a session for Wednesday night. Good news is, that it re-airs later that night so I'll be able to check it out. WHEW!

So, the scoop is: Watch GAC on Wednesday, 9/26, @ 7 p.m.
(You'll also find some extra info / interviews w/the hitmen at that link above.)

And, here's a jib-jabby-type promo for the show... I predict these four songwriters will keep you in stitches. Let me know what you think!



Take Your Time Back

Wow... just took this little test at fine living and discovered why I feel a little overwhelmed lately.

If you use the "Take Your Time Back Tool" and discover that you have extra time to share, let me know. I could use an extra day or two each week.

cabedge celebrates Future 50 award

For the second year in a row... cabedge has been selected as one of Nashville's Future 50 businesses by the Nashville Chamber of Commerce.

Pretty cool.
Pretty proud to work here... and be a cultivator in the cabedge patch.

Kudos to Chris Blanz (a.k.a. head of cabedge) for putting together such a great team and letting us dream and concoct cool plans with our clients.

While you're here, check out our new website. It's been cooking for a couple weeks now... my favorite part is the carrot abducting spaceship. Heh heh... wait for it....


Next Great American Artist

Hey friends! Kirklands is hosting their second annual "Next Great American Artist" contest.

If you or anyone you know has a desire to have their work (photo, painting, etc.) hanging in homes all across America, submit your work! The top ten finalists will have the opportunity to have their work reproduced and sold at Kirkland's stores throughout the country... and the Grand Prize winner gets $5,000 to boot.

Go for it!


SATURDAY: Bluebird Cafe Round

UPDATE 9.16.07: The round went GREAT last night. We had a BLAST and the show was sold out. How cool is that?! Thanks to everyone who came out to see the us perform... and to everyone who tried to come but couldn't get in. We really appreciate the support.

Just wanted to let you know that I'll be performing this weekend:

Saturday, 9/15
Bluebird Cafe,
6:30 p.m.
In the round with Bill Tennyson, Denise Locke, Mike Younger and me.
No cover.
$7 minimum at the table.
Reservations are recommended.

As usual... we're going to have a quietly rowdy time!
Hope to see you're coolness sittin' there in the chairs.

Dane Cook meets an atheist...

OK... first off, if you watch the video below, be warned: it contains strong "adult" language.

On the flip side... it is funnier than hell H-E-double-hockey-sticks.

The gist of it: Dane Cook told a rude sneezer "God Bless You." The sneezer proceeds to tell him that he's an atheist. In the end... well... just watch it. Dane Cook wins. Heh.

Thanks to Blakems for sending the link my way. Good stuff up in 'der.


Fish 'n' Flush

Thanks to Chris (head of cabedge), I now know that the bathroom is not just for reading anymore... not if you have a Fish 'n' Flush...
This may be something to put on the Christmas list folks.
Just think about it.

Clientcopia... I need a low impact Monday.

To protect the guilty innocent, I'm not going to explain this post in any detail... it revisits a post from three years ago about a site called Clientcopia.

But, given the way my week has gone (I really don't need to explain, do I?!), I thought I'd re-share some comic relief to kick-start the weekend.



Sticking with the Whirly Pop...

Occasionally at work, I'll fire up the ol' microwave and have myself some Orville Redenbocker's Movie Theatre Butter Popcorn.

And occasionally, at home, I'll make some "Pour over cheddar" Orville Redenbocker's Microwave popcorn.

But my all time favorite popcorn is straight-up white popcorn kernels, cooked in my trusty stove top Whirly Pop in just a little vegetable oil or olive oil and a sprinkle or twelve of salt and a couple tabs of butter once it's all popped-up. It actually seems to pop faster in the Whirly than the microwave.

Why am I telling you all of this, you ask? Well, today was one of those microwave popcorn days at work. Just needed a little crunch to get me through the rest of the day. As I took the bag out of the nuc-machine, not one... not two... not three... no... not four... FIVE people informed me of today's news about "popcorn lung".

So... after doing a little Googling...
I've decided not to take any chances anymore.
Time to stop eating microwave popcorn.
I'm going to stick with the Whirly Pop from now on.
Sorry about your luck, Orville.


Check this out:
The iTunes Music Store... coming soon to Starbucks.

Basically, sometime in 2008, when I'm in or near a participating 'iStarbucks' in Nashville, I'll be able to see and buy any song that is playing or the last ten songs that have played.

The only bummer is that I won't get to experience the iStarbucks any time soon unless I am in NYC or Seattle in October... or San Francisco in November... L.A. in February... or Chicago in March.

Since that is unlikely, I take comfort knowing that the service will be available in most major metropolitan areas in the U.S. by the end of 2008. **fingers crossed**

And... I'm also wondering if this is driven by a little technology I'm familiar with called BlueArrow. I'm checking into it... and will let you know as soon as I hear back from my sources.



Surprise... on the Opry... AGAIN!

So, last night I went along with Clocky to the Opry to see him and the guys play. I wasn't planning to sing... just there to take pics and support my man and the band.

As they were getting ready to go on, JW (manager) asked me if I was singing.
I said, "No."
Then... he said, "Yes you are..."
To which I replied, "You sure?"
And he said, "Yes."

So I did!

I sang background w/Lee Roy on "Daddies & Daughters". It was so cool being on the Opry stage w/him, Clocky, Charles and Jon. They are my brothers in music.

See the photo to the right for some blurry evidence of my surprise performance. Heh.

Thanks to JW and Lee Roy for including me, once again.

I'll post a link to the show's WSM Radio Online Archives as soon as they get the performace uploaded to their site.