17th Anniversary of my favorite Nashville music club

As usual, 3rd & Lindsley has some of the most amazing music this week. And, making it even better, they're celebrating their 17th year in the Nashville music scene. Go 3rd!

More than seven years ago, Clocky and I made the move to Nashville and soon, 3rd and Lindsley became our home away from home for great bands... bands and music that you won't find on lower Broadway or what you'd consider the norm for the country music capital of the world. 3rd was the place that help us know we came to the right city. It really is MUSIC City.

There we've discovered some of the most amazing musicians and met some amazing friends.

More over, the people who spend time at 3rd shows aren't you're average music lovers and the music you'll find there is anything but average. From Jonell Mosser to Gary Nicholson (Whitey Johnson / Fortunate Sons) to Bekka Bramlett to Pat Buchanan to Mike Henderson to Paulo Nutini to Ingrid Mickelson to Monte Montgomerry to the Asylum Street Spankers to Jeffrey Steele to Chuck Cannon to Ashley Cleveland to Mandy Barnett... and the list goes on. The only requirement at 3rd is good music... it isn't limited to a genre's or "what's hip". 3rd and Lindsley isn't trying to "be" anything... 3rd is all about "the real deal" and bringing it to people.

More times than the audience knows, they're watching the people they hear playing behind some of their favorite mainstream artists. Except these musicians are now playing their own music... they're hearing people who are already legends as songwriters or guitar players or bass players or drummers or singers (and they usually don't even know it) or they are on their way to becoming household names.

So... take some time EVERY DAY this week (ok... all right... well... at least two or three nights this week) to show 3rd some love. It's non-smoking these days... and the food is great. Bring your friends there for happy hour after work, or your favorite person out for some supper and a show or two or three.

3rd & Lindsley Bar & Grill
818 3rd Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37201
(615) 259-9891

Monday, 2/18

Minotaur (7pm) Feat. Analog Missionary, Of Echos, Krista Brock

Tuesday, 2/19
Anthony Gomes (7 pm)
The Players (9:30)

Wednesday, 2/20
Joanna Cotten (6pm)
Kree Harrison (8pm)
The Wooten Brothers (9:30)

Thursday, 2/21
The Lucky Bucks AND the Official 3rd & Lindsley 17th Anniversary Party (6pm)
Erin McCarley, Cassino, Trigger Code (9:30)

Friday, 2/22
Soul Cages "The Music of Sting and the Police" ( 7pm)
Jonell Mosser ( 9:30pm) NASHVILLE

Saturday, 2/23
Jeffrey Steele w/ Jabe Bayer and Ryan Weaver ( 7pm)

Sunday, 2/24
The North Mississippi All Stars w/ Ryan Bingham (7pm)

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