My new day gig... paramore | redd

Hey friends... it's been a crazy month, but just wanted to let you know that I've made my way back into the Nashville scene during the day.


I started work at paramore | redd as a senior account manager on 2/18 and am loving it. We do more than just websites... it's all about the big picture. Web sites are a tool in the toolbox... but not the only tool. Not only do we create great, usability focused sites, but we also help the clients deliver measurable traffic and ROI results using online marketing tools like email, search strategies and natural SEO.

The team is amazing as well. Hannah and Kidd (owners, partners, spouses) have done a great job assembling a diverse and talented group. I'm really enjoying the collaborative, communicative environment... everyone's ideas count and talents / strengths are recognized.

It's very busy around there... so I'm getting to hit the ground running. Hopefully, I'll be able to share some of the things I'm involved in SOON.

And, in the meantime... let's do lunch.
I've missed you.

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