who's at 3rd?

Hey friends... just wanted to tell you about the blog I just started to get the word out about 3rd & Lindsley's music.

Anyone who reads this blog figured out a long time ago... my two favorite places in Nashville to hear music are 3rd & Lindsley and the Bluebird Cafe.

The Bluebird gives me my performing songwriter fix... inspiration.

And 3rd, well, I just can't think of any venue in Nashville where I've experienced more groove.

On any given week, you'll hear the likes of Jonell, Pat Buchanan, Fortunate Sons, The Subdudes, The North Mississippi Allstars, Bekka Bramlett, Pat McLaughlin, Jeffrey Steele, Ashley Cleveland, Tom Hambridge, Paolo Nutini, Ingrid Michaelson, Monte Montgomery, Ben Cyllus, Shelly Fairchild, the Players, the Lucky Bucks... and all the world-renown musicians who grace the stage with these folks (Tom Bukovak, Michael Rhodes, Reese Wynans, Tom Britt, Bob Britt, Chad Cromwell, Brent Mason, Craig Krampf, Glen Worf, Greg Morrow, Allison Prestwood, Steve C, Tommy Mac, Steve Mackey, Johnny the Clock, Charles Hayes, David Santos, Spady Brannan... to name a few.)

blah blah blah.
You get it.
3rd helps put the "music" in music city.

So, I decided to put my love for the place to work. Share the love... the love of music, musicians, artists and songwriters.

I'm looking forward to posting about upcoming shows, live blogging from shows (using my trusty iphone) and giving the full scoop on all things 3rd & Lindsley at "Who's at 3rd?".

Please, pass a link along to everyone who needs a good music fix. With the diversity of acts coming through 3rd on a weekly basis, I think we can help them find just the fix they need.

Now... I think it's time you got the scoop on The Lucky Bucks.

They're the featured act for 3rd's 17th Anniversary party at 6 p.m. on Thursday (TOMORROW!).

Come after work... bring a friend, or a date or a bunch of friends and dates.
Enjoy drink specials.
Eat dinner.
Be musically amazed.

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