great music weekend!

You know... there are some weeks when I can't find anything I'm compelled to go see.

Then... there are some weeks that I have trouble making a decision about what to go see because there are so many options.

This weekend, there is no question.

TONIGHT - Friday, 2/22
7ish - The Soul Cages (tribute to Sting)
9:30ish - Jonell Mosser
3rd & Lindsley

TOMORROW - Saturday, 2/23
10ish - Jeffrey Steele
3rd & Lindsley
(I recommend you get there at 7:00 for jabe bayer and ryan weaver... or you won't get a seat and you may not even get in the club. I haven't heard Jabe or Ryan before, but I understand they've got it goin' on.)

SUNDAY - 2/24
Ryan Bingham
The North Mississippi Allstars
8 p.m. - Lightning 100 Nashville Sunday Night - LIVE radio broadcast
3rd & Lindsley

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