see you in three years.

Last night, while Tank and Clocky were sleeping, I spent an hour or so on the screened in porch just watching the lunar eclipse. It was so amazing. Suddenly the moon was three dimensional... just hanging there in the sky like a giant ping pong ball. I was mesmerized. So glad the clouds parted long enough for us to get the chance to take it all in.

There are tons of great pics of the spectacle from vantage points around the world and in Nashville on flickr. Found the one to the right there. Thanks to Mike's Picture Place for documenting nature's show.

I'm sure I'll stand in amazement again in three years when the lunar eclipse comes back around. Maybe I'll even take a few photos of it myself. *wink*

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Lannae said...

The Lunar Eclipse was really cool. Unlike ohter years of partial eclipses, at least this year the cloud cover did get blown away for great viewing!