My new day gig... paramore | redd

Hey friends... it's been a crazy month, but just wanted to let you know that I've made my way back into the Nashville scene during the day.


I started work at paramore | redd as a senior account manager on 2/18 and am loving it. We do more than just websites... it's all about the big picture. Web sites are a tool in the toolbox... but not the only tool. Not only do we create great, usability focused sites, but we also help the clients deliver measurable traffic and ROI results using online marketing tools like email, search strategies and natural SEO.

The team is amazing as well. Hannah and Kidd (owners, partners, spouses) have done a great job assembling a diverse and talented group. I'm really enjoying the collaborative, communicative environment... everyone's ideas count and talents / strengths are recognized.

It's very busy around there... so I'm getting to hit the ground running. Hopefully, I'll be able to share some of the things I'm involved in SOON.

And, in the meantime... let's do lunch.
I've missed you.


Do you believe me now?

Hey... check it out! Clocky's playing on the single, "Do you believe me now?" that Jimmy Wayne has released on iTunes. (you'll need itunes if you click this link)

Love me some Clocky... and Jimmy Wayne is right up there, too. More love also goes to our friends Joe West / Dave Pahanish who co-wrote *the song with Tim Johnson* (Thanks, Joe!) and produced the song with Jimmy.

I love this town.

What are you waiting for?!
Go check it out... buy it if you like it!
Thanks for listening.


great music weekend!

You know... there are some weeks when I can't find anything I'm compelled to go see.

Then... there are some weeks that I have trouble making a decision about what to go see because there are so many options.

This weekend, there is no question.

TONIGHT - Friday, 2/22
7ish - The Soul Cages (tribute to Sting)
9:30ish - Jonell Mosser
3rd & Lindsley

TOMORROW - Saturday, 2/23
10ish - Jeffrey Steele
3rd & Lindsley
(I recommend you get there at 7:00 for jabe bayer and ryan weaver... or you won't get a seat and you may not even get in the club. I haven't heard Jabe or Ryan before, but I understand they've got it goin' on.)

SUNDAY - 2/24
Ryan Bingham
The North Mississippi Allstars
8 p.m. - Lightning 100 Nashville Sunday Night - LIVE radio broadcast
3rd & Lindsley


see you in three years.

Last night, while Tank and Clocky were sleeping, I spent an hour or so on the screened in porch just watching the lunar eclipse. It was so amazing. Suddenly the moon was three dimensional... just hanging there in the sky like a giant ping pong ball. I was mesmerized. So glad the clouds parted long enough for us to get the chance to take it all in.

There are tons of great pics of the spectacle from vantage points around the world and in Nashville on flickr. Found the one to the right there. Thanks to Mike's Picture Place for documenting nature's show.

I'm sure I'll stand in amazement again in three years when the lunar eclipse comes back around. Maybe I'll even take a few photos of it myself. *wink*


woot woot from the Scene

Rock ON Jewly Hight @ the Scene!
She gave 3rd & Lindsley a "woot woot" this week.

See you tomorrow night:

6 p.m. -
the lucky bucks | 3rd's 17th Anniversary Party

9:30 p.m.
trigger code
erin mccarley

who's at 3rd?

Hey friends... just wanted to tell you about the blog I just started to get the word out about 3rd & Lindsley's music.

Anyone who reads this blog figured out a long time ago... my two favorite places in Nashville to hear music are 3rd & Lindsley and the Bluebird Cafe.

The Bluebird gives me my performing songwriter fix... inspiration.

And 3rd, well, I just can't think of any venue in Nashville where I've experienced more groove.

On any given week, you'll hear the likes of Jonell, Pat Buchanan, Fortunate Sons, The Subdudes, The North Mississippi Allstars, Bekka Bramlett, Pat McLaughlin, Jeffrey Steele, Ashley Cleveland, Tom Hambridge, Paolo Nutini, Ingrid Michaelson, Monte Montgomery, Ben Cyllus, Shelly Fairchild, the Players, the Lucky Bucks... and all the world-renown musicians who grace the stage with these folks (Tom Bukovak, Michael Rhodes, Reese Wynans, Tom Britt, Bob Britt, Chad Cromwell, Brent Mason, Craig Krampf, Glen Worf, Greg Morrow, Allison Prestwood, Steve C, Tommy Mac, Steve Mackey, Johnny the Clock, Charles Hayes, David Santos, Spady Brannan... to name a few.)

blah blah blah.
You get it.
3rd helps put the "music" in music city.

So, I decided to put my love for the place to work. Share the love... the love of music, musicians, artists and songwriters.

I'm looking forward to posting about upcoming shows, live blogging from shows (using my trusty iphone) and giving the full scoop on all things 3rd & Lindsley at "Who's at 3rd?".

Please, pass a link along to everyone who needs a good music fix. With the diversity of acts coming through 3rd on a weekly basis, I think we can help them find just the fix they need.

Now... I think it's time you got the scoop on The Lucky Bucks.

They're the featured act for 3rd's 17th Anniversary party at 6 p.m. on Thursday (TOMORROW!).

Come after work... bring a friend, or a date or a bunch of friends and dates.
Enjoy drink specials.
Eat dinner.
Be musically amazed.


17th Anniversary of my favorite Nashville music club

As usual, 3rd & Lindsley has some of the most amazing music this week. And, making it even better, they're celebrating their 17th year in the Nashville music scene. Go 3rd!

More than seven years ago, Clocky and I made the move to Nashville and soon, 3rd and Lindsley became our home away from home for great bands... bands and music that you won't find on lower Broadway or what you'd consider the norm for the country music capital of the world. 3rd was the place that help us know we came to the right city. It really is MUSIC City.

There we've discovered some of the most amazing musicians and met some amazing friends.

More over, the people who spend time at 3rd shows aren't you're average music lovers and the music you'll find there is anything but average. From Jonell Mosser to Gary Nicholson (Whitey Johnson / Fortunate Sons) to Bekka Bramlett to Pat Buchanan to Mike Henderson to Paulo Nutini to Ingrid Mickelson to Monte Montgomerry to the Asylum Street Spankers to Jeffrey Steele to Chuck Cannon to Ashley Cleveland to Mandy Barnett... and the list goes on. The only requirement at 3rd is good music... it isn't limited to a genre's or "what's hip". 3rd and Lindsley isn't trying to "be" anything... 3rd is all about "the real deal" and bringing it to people.

More times than the audience knows, they're watching the people they hear playing behind some of their favorite mainstream artists. Except these musicians are now playing their own music... they're hearing people who are already legends as songwriters or guitar players or bass players or drummers or singers (and they usually don't even know it) or they are on their way to becoming household names.

So... take some time EVERY DAY this week (ok... all right... well... at least two or three nights this week) to show 3rd some love. It's non-smoking these days... and the food is great. Bring your friends there for happy hour after work, or your favorite person out for some supper and a show or two or three.

3rd & Lindsley Bar & Grill
818 3rd Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37201
(615) 259-9891

Monday, 2/18

Minotaur (7pm) Feat. Analog Missionary, Of Echos, Krista Brock

Tuesday, 2/19
Anthony Gomes (7 pm)
The Players (9:30)

Wednesday, 2/20
Joanna Cotten (6pm)
Kree Harrison (8pm)
The Wooten Brothers (9:30)

Thursday, 2/21
The Lucky Bucks AND the Official 3rd & Lindsley 17th Anniversary Party (6pm)
Erin McCarley, Cassino, Trigger Code (9:30)

Friday, 2/22
Soul Cages "The Music of Sting and the Police" ( 7pm)
Jonell Mosser ( 9:30pm) NASHVILLE

Saturday, 2/23
Jeffrey Steele w/ Jabe Bayer and Ryan Weaver ( 7pm)

Sunday, 2/24
The North Mississippi All Stars w/ Ryan Bingham (7pm)

Sunshine in my window.

Found this vibrant glass sunshine at the Wild Bird store...
I love sunshine.
The red looks brilliant
when the light shines through it in our south window.


The Lucky Bucks

OK... went to check out the Lucky Bucks at 3rd & Lindsley Thursday night. Phenomenal. Not only are they impressive as a group, each one of them were stellar. Most impressive to me, was the drummer. Not only was he holding down the groove on the skins, but he was also playing the bass... I mean REALLY playing the bass AND singing harmonies. Everything was spot on. These guys are going to be one to watch.

If you want to check them out, they'll be playing 3rd & Lindsley again on 2/21 at 6 p.m. for the club's 17th Anniversary party. It's a free show... and it will be so good you'll wish you'd paid to see it.


iPhone v. concrete

Speaking of my iPhone...

Bad news is...
It fell out of my purse in the parking garage on Friday. Not so good. When I picked it up, the glass face had spider cracked across the entire front of my iPhone. Yes... I had instant knots in my stomach. I knew there'd be no cheap fix for it.

Good news is...
the Apple store in Green Hills friggin' rocks. Made an appointment with the Genius Bar via Apple support on Friday afternoon. By Saturday night, I'd gotten a replacement iPhone from the Genius Bar. They were amazing. I'm not going to say much more than this, but if something like this ever happens to you, just be honest about what happened. My transparency about how I broke my phone paid off... and, let's just say, the Apple store in Green Hills now has a new loyal customer. Thank you Genius Bar!!!

Cell phone time warp

dinosaur motorola v. retired cheap-ass LG

In 1995, who'd have ever thought there'd be such a thing as an iPhone?!

my my my... how times change.

I thought I was so cool when I used this gianormous cell phone back in the mid-90's. It was cutting edge. (Well, in my mind it was anyway.) Now... next to my recently retired cheap-ass LP phone... It looks like a dinosaur. Heh.

Found the brick-of-a-phone this weekend while cleaning the bedroom closet. Hard to believe I used to carry this in my purse!

I'm gonna keep it... You never know... It might be worth something someday. (not holding my breath).