DAY SIX: 10 Days of Gratitude

I'm thankful for songwriting.

Spent the afternoon "writing" with my brother in song, Jeff Anderson. We didn't finish a song, but we got some good stuff going on. And, among it all, shared our stories. Cause... well, that is what it is all about, right?!

Bluebird. Can't Nobody but God.
Writing has gotten me through the past 14 months. Some songs no one will ever hear, but the exercise helps me heal.  Here is Music City, we call it songwriting therapy. *smile*

God supplies the ideas... the words... and all I can do is channel them the best I can. It's the ultimate problem solving, writing a song. Figuring out the best way to say what you've got to say in 3 minutes or so. Finding the right melody, tempo, feel.

I'm so glad I live in Nashville. Where the words and the song are written best. I've learned so much... and still consider myself an amateur compared to most of my songwriting friends. But I'm here. And I'll keep writing. Hopefully until my last breath.

I'm grateful that God put songs in me. Hopefully, some of them will help others as much as they help me.

So today, I'm thankful for the gift of songwriting. 

Psalms 119:54 NLT
"Your decrees have been the theme of my songs wherever I have lived."

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