DAY TWO: 10 Days of Gratitude

I'm thankful for the word "yes".

It's amazing what those little three letters put together can bring into your life.

Oh the adventure of it all.

Of course, sometimes I end up sleeping less than I should. But at the end of my life I don't want to be known as someone who rested well.  I want to be known as someone who lived. Period.

There are so many things I wouldn't have experienced had I not said, "yes." Some of the most obvious are listed below... but what's really important among it all, are the relationships, friendships and stories that go along with "yes". There are so many who would be missing in my life today if I had said, "no."

No regrets on the Yes

Bonnie Bishop, Lisa Gray & Me 
Moving to NASHVILLE.  Freakin' LOVE this place. It's where I really get to be me. 100% of the time.  I love who I've become... and who I'm evolving to be living in Nashville. If you'd have told me 15 years ago, I'd be living here and experiencing all of it... I'd have said you were crazy. Writing songs, doing rounds at the Bluebird, performing on the Grand Ole Opry with Lee Roy Parnell, singing BGVs on stage with some of my favorite artists and people. Recording demos and background vocals on sessions.  Getting to hear my voice on the radio. Getting to tag along on the Paisly / Dierks tour, the LRP tour, Blue Mother Tupelo gigs. Learning to play guitar. Finding my tamborine groove. Singing with the Woodland Street Revival peeps.  And you know what the best part of this adventure is?  ALL of the like-minded, gracious, creative souls I've gotten to know.  Getting to know a some of my heros as friends. Sharing music with other people who love to share music. OMG.  All because we made the decision at the 11th hour to move here instead of Minneapolis.  *praise the Lord* We said yes.

View from the Top
Standing on Mt. Rushmore. That's what I said. You read correctly. ON IT with my friend Ann (Panerio) Deckert. I took the pic on the left myself with a real, film loaded, camera.  Mary (Ann's friend who got us behind the scenes on the mountain) took the one on the right... Ann and Me, sitting on George Washington's head. It was very windy. We climbed up the scaffold left behind by the artists. Scaled the rocks of the canyon behind the monument along side mountain goats. We stood in the "hall of records". These pics have been prominently displayed in every office I've had since 1993. Heck yeah... I'm glad I said yes.

Sunny Side-Up
Hot Air Ballooning. Crewing for Kay West (Prarie Sky) and learning to fly in Sunny Side Up (that balloon winking at you to the right) in the process. Amazing seven years. Every flight is a story... every chase an adventure... and I swear I remember every single one.  Taking skydivers up. Getting stranded in the middle of nowhere in Custer State park. Touching the tops of trees. Splash and dashes. Helping people get engaged. Married. Glows. Balloon races. Ahhhh. It was awesome. All because, in 1993, I said "sure. I'll come crew for you. sounds fun." Met some amazing friends among it all, too. Kay is the most gifted pilot. I still dream about flying... 12 years later.  Yes was the only option.

Cassy Petersen & Jime Lynn
Spelunking.  OMG. *she car high five's Cassy & Jime* It all happened over a bucket list discussion and a Groupon to spelunk at Cumberland Caves. We had no idea. None. Nada of what we were about to do. And there is only one way out folks.. through. It was the most amazingly fantastically frightening thing I've ever experienced. We were swung over a crevis by our guide. We crawled through a space that was less than 12 inches square for almost 20 feet. I was freaked out inside and out most of the way through. *she blacks out*  Oh holy mother of God, never again. But I'm still glad I said yes.

Josh, Me & Jake - Paramore Zippers
Zip-lining in WV.  On a Paramore work trip to Rivermen. AND... I was scared shitless pretty much every time I let go.  Am certain I made a complete fool of myself to my coworkers and the client. Especially when attempting to repel down at the end.  But, I don't care. It was so worth it. I highly recommend it. (If you try it, it's work the trip to Adventures on the Gorge in WV... they are the BEST place to white water raft.  Another thing I must try.) Glad I didn't chicken out.

Getting Hitched.  Seriously. I know it sounds crazy.  I never ever never ever never wanted to get married. Avoided it. Turned three people down in my 20s. Until the persistent one... Bandmates. Friends. Roommates. Spouses. We had an amazing run. We got to live the adventure together for a little more than 18 years.  Partners in crime.  It was totally worth it. Doesn't matter that it didn't turn out as we all hoped it would... it's still one of the best things I've ever done. I will never regret that I said yes.

Heck, yeah. I'm thankful for yes. Without it, I wouldn't feel alive.

Ecclesiastes 8:15 NLT
"So I recommend having fun, because there is nothing better for people in this world than to eat, drink, and enjoy life. That way they will experience some happiness along with all the hard work God gives them under the sun."

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