DAY THREE: 10 Days of Gratitude

I'm thankful for music.

Shocker, right?

It's the thing that really propels me through life. The words. The groove. The melody.

I feel most alive when I'm sharing music.. whether it's performing, a session, a round, writing a song or seeing live music.

Just another reason Nashville is my home.

On any given night, there are so many choices. The hardest part about living here is deciding what not to see.

So... in celebration of music that jacks me up, helps me feel what I need to feel and rocks my world, here are some artists that you need to check out. They aren't necessarily mainstream... but they should be. Maybe this little post will give them all a few more fans. Some are the songwriters behind the songs you love... and they are the sheeot. Some are artists who are true to themselves and their music. Some are both. All will rock your world.

Please go listen... and if you love it. Buy it. K?

Karleen Watt
Lisa Carver
Travis Meadows
Levi Lowery
Eric Paslay
Jeffrey Steele
Jeff Anderson
Will Hogue
AJ Engstrom
Blue Mother Tupelo
Marion Grace
Rob McNelly
Brandi Carlile
Bonnie Bishop
Sam Hawksley
Jedd Hughes
Mingo Fishtrap
John Hiatt
Buddy Miller
Keb Mo
Ashley Cleveland
Emily West
Matt Maher
Hillary Linsdley
Rick Huckaby
Lee Roy Parnell
Dave Pahanish
Lee Roy Powell
Pat McLaughlin
Issac Hayden
Jimmy Hall
Gary Nicholson
Delbert McClinton
Cumberland Collective
Mindy Smith
Blackberry Smoke
Jonell Mosser
Bekka Bramlett

This is just a little sample... no way for me to list everyone.

Just listen. Feel the love.

And, then, support music you love by buying their CDs / downloading them on iTunes.

Cause I love these people and it's how they make their living.

You wouldn't want it any other way.

Thank you to music... for always finding a way to help me feel whole.

Psalms 135:3 NLT: "Praise the Lord , for the Lord is good; celebrate his lovely name with   music."

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