DAY TEN: 10 Days of Gratitude

I'm thankful for laughter.

Nothing feels better than a good belly laugh. Or a baby laughing. Or laughing with someone.

I would laugh all day if I could. Even better, if I could make others laugh all day, I would.

The best part about laughter? It doesn't cost a thing and it gives so much.

On those days when laughter seems a long ways away, we've all got those people who know just what to do.  One of my favorite memories from this past year, was Denice and I reading the DamnYouAutocorrect text bubbles out loud as conversation over the phone.  I was sick of talking about all my crap... sick of everything... and she said, "Let's go look at DYAC." We proceeded to spend two hours laughing our asses off. (Thank you, Denice.)

Seriously, try it. You won't regret it.

Today, I'm thankful for laughter.

He will once again fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy. (Job 8:21 NLT)

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