Blue stripe or equal sign?

OK... I need your help.
This is driving me crazy.

I keep seeing front license plates that are black and blue... there's a blue stripe between two black stripes. Is it an equal sign? Is it a blue stripe? Is it a flag? Aaaaahhhhh... what is it?! What is it for?!

Is this some secret blue equality forum?

Please... someone enlighten me.


Emily said...

The blue and black flags are usually on the personal cars of police officers and stand for the "thin blue line".Now I think people are using them to also honor the police officers killed on 9/11.

BBLogan said...

Thank you Emily... This ROCKS.
Finally I have an answer.

What a GREAT way to start the weekend.

Here's a link to the website:
The Thin Blue Line

dp said...

I have always wondered why they stole that from the
Leather Daddies flag

Emily said...

Yeah,the gay Leathermen flag was the first thing that came to my mind,too.

Anonymous said...

It means equal rights for everyone except straight, white males of any age.