The cool place I work...

cabedge is located in this fab space in downtown Franklin. The company relocated here from the Factory about three months ago.

Here are some pics that Chris, the "head of cabedge", took the night of the open house. Just wanted to share with everyone far away and/or those who couldn't make it.

There's alot of exposed brick, low light and warm colors. And, there are no cubes, offices or other torturous creative inhibitors present. It's hard to "think out of the box" when you spend all your time in one. Heh. (If you squint, you can see me sitting at my desk way at the back of this photo.)

Here's a close up of two of my co-horts, Chase (no hair on the left) and Lemmie (w/hair peeking over the light straight ahead). Our work areas are IKEA lovefests. I think we should have an endorsement with them... hmmm... maybe I can work on that one. **wink**

The conference room with glass carrot-ish colored "white" boards. How fun?!

This is the "cave o' crunk" where the creatvie-types like Blake (left) and Matt (right) hang out . There's alot of great ideas lurking around in here... LOVE IT. And, in the foreground of this pic, you'll also see Zeph (Matt's greyhound) who hangs out with us at the office Monday through Thursday. (Zeph is coooo-el.)

OK... well... that's the tour. The only place missing is the photo studio and the kitchen... oh... and the bathrooms. But, alas, maybe I should leave that exciting stuff for another post.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I wish I could work there!
Wait a sec... I do work there!

Nice write-up. Thanks Jean!


BBLogan said...

cabedge is TOO MUCH ROCK FOR ONE HAND, man.

PS: Who is this "jean(ne)" person?

mamaduck said...

Where's Connie??