Car's in the shop... again.


This morning, John and I were taking the Subaru (yeah... the one I just had fixed) in to get another little wheel wiggling problem tweaked... no biggie, right?


John was driving the Forester and I was following him in the Element so he wouldn't have to wait at the mechanic's all day while it was being fixed.

Well...on the way the clutch stopped working again. The pedal dropped to the floor when John was driving. So, he kept it in 2nd gear all the way down Nolansville Road until he got to Larry's Auto Shop.

Not sure what is happening... but really hope to get it fixed soon. I'm sure we're looking at another $500+ at this point.

Getting a different car is sounding better and better.

Anyone got $10-15K they want to send our way?

**UPDATE 08/13/06**
Well, looks like I'll get my car back on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The good news is that the clutch was just a $40 hose repair. The bad news is that the wiggly back wheel was more than a loose bolt. Gonna be replacing the entire knuckle joint... which will be another $200 or so.

Last week, I was feelin' a little stressed about it, but you know, I've decided to get over that. I haven't had a car payment for the last couple years... and until now, the Subaru hasn't given me any trouble. The fact of the matter is that it has more than 163,000 miles on it... 100,000 of those miles were put there by me. So, it's bound to need some major repairs and if it only ends up being a few hundred dollars a years as opposed to a few thousand... well then... so be it.

Please accept my apologies for using my blog to whine about this last week. If this is the worst of my troubles... then I've got no troubles at all. (wow... that sounds like a song... back off songwriters! I'm writing it! Heh.)

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