Cows are girls.

Bulls are boys.

Doesn't anyone in Hollywood realize the difference between an udder and a... well... you know?!

Here's how it works:
Udder = Breasts = GIRL

Simply put, neither bulls nor steers have udders.


So, Why is it okay for the "cow" in the movie "Barnyard" to have the voice of the man? In fact, it sounds like all of the "cows" (with udders, I might add) have the voice of a man.

That's just friggin' weird.

From this review:
"The character design is dead simple -- the cows look for all the world like 3-D versions of Gary Larson's stoic bovines from The Far Side -- but Barnyard's animation is slick as heck and pops off the screen. Strange thing is, it's never explained why all the boy cows have udders. Though I guess it's better than their having giant, swaying bull-parts down there."

Until I get over this news... I'm not sure I can actually go to the movie. It's very disturbing to this farm girl.

As I told John, it's like the soundless clap... I can't handle it... it's just not right.


Laura Creekmore said...

Eeew. That's weird. I mean, even city kids take field trips to the farm now and then. Did these people all miss biology class???


t said...

"Barnyard" Transvestites?!?
"Mancow" disease? Either this era of open sexuality has no limits or someone misread the script.

Daneille said...

I just saw a small interview clip today and apparently Sam Elliot plays one of these bulls with udders - that is just wrong.

Southern Girl said...

I'm guessing they just stuck udders on all the cows, even the boy ones, because they just didn't want to so realistic as to have gigantic bull wong-dongs hanging down. In short, they wimped out. ;)

"dr" t said...

I really don't want you to have to miss out...so I've been thinking. What if you just look at them like "man boobs". I mean, it's ok as long as no one's feeding from them...right?

Clocky said...

C'mon yall...I need some support. I realllllly wanna see this movie danggit.

Don't care about the misguided biology one way or the udder ;)