I bought an airport.

Heh... not a airport (as in plane). An AIRPORT EXTREME BASE STATION.

Yeah baby.

I even set it up all by myself (well... almost... I had some pre-advice from towerkraut).

Anyway... I'm actually typing this post from my living room on my Powerbook (actually... it's cabedge's Mac) using my very own Airport.

Even my printer is hooked up.

Why didn't I do this SOONER?!

AND, the cool thing is that John's laptop PC will be able to use it, too.

Rock on brothahs and sistahs.


Laura Creekmore said...

Oh my goodness. A Mac. An Airport. You're totally converted now, aren't you??

BBLogan said...

Pretty much... I'm typing this at my coffee table right now. How cool is that?! And, I think John's next laptop just might be a Mac, too. YAY. I've gone to the other side.