Uh... yeah... Comcast...

You suck.

Not the actual high speed cable itself... no.

Comcast customer service.

We've talked to a dozen people at the place since Saturday morning and every single one of them has a different idea as to what is wrong.

Then, yesterday, JTC waited by the phone... literally... from three until six (the window of time the technician was supposed to show up) without so much as a phone call to say, "hey... not gonna make it today."

In fact, he spend most of his time between 6 and 7 trying to find out why... and talked to six people before finally talking to a supervisor who said the tech would be there within 15 - 20 minutes.

Didn't happen.

When JTC called at around 8:30 to find out why, they put him through to dispatch. The dispatch tech told John that the ticket was cancelled by the tech... cause he called several times and wasn't able to reach us.


JTC was literally sitting by the phone... and when he wasn't waiting for them to call, he was talking to them on the phone. And, if the guy called when he was on the phone with Comcast and got a busy signal... well... duh... he's home dude. Come on over.

So, needless to say... I'm about to go back to NetZero. We had their service for three years and never had a problem.

The tech is supposed to come again this morning between 8 and 10.

We'll see... I'm not gonna hold my breath.

Fast. Convenient. Reliable.
Um... I think NOT.

Thanks for letting me vent.

UPDATE 6 pm, 08/09.06:
Bobby (the greatest Comcast tech EVER) came to our house today. He came when he said he'd come and he wasn't afraid to do the "right" thing. He fixed our cable box, replaced our cable on the outside of the house, replaced our cable outlet on the inside of the house and changed out our old modem to a new modem in their system. He left no stone un-turned.

I came home to a very happy Clocky.

When Clock told Bobby of our troubles the past few days... sadly, he wasn't surprised but apologized for Comcast anyway. (Stand up guy, that Bobby.)

The moral of this story:
Don't blame the tech... blame the tech company's crappy customer service.

I just hope Comcast is smart enough to keep people like Bobby around... and maybe even get a better system to take care of their customers on the phone. If it weren't for someone like Bobby, we'd be switching to something else for our internet connectivity.

Thank you, Bobby, for having a great work ethic and a great attitude.
We'll be requesting you from now on.


RaceBelle said...

Our internet upload speed has been terrible this week - not sure what's wrong. It seemed better this morning.

Wonder if they are have widespread issues?

Sorry about the trouble - I know that's iritating:(


lcreekmo said...

I am so glad you found that guy. Comcast is great when it works right. When it doesn't, you have to wear a hat. (Because you tore your hair out.)

Chez Bez said...

My most recent tech rocked. I'm glad you got a happy end to your troubled story.