Are you registered to vote?

In many states, the deadline to register to vote is fast approaching.


If you haven't registered to vote, want to vote absentee vote or find your polling place, we've got a great resource at NFIB.com

NOTE: You'll have to shut off your pop-up blocker to use the registration / absentee links on this page. The very last step of the process is a pop-up PDF of a form. It will not load if you have a pop-up blocker.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate this site you have...so much! It's the one way I get to hear what all you're up to. Yes, I am registered to vote...as well as someone else you know who wasn't registered until just recently. And, yes, I plan to go vote on Nov. 2nd at City Hall. So, let me know what weekend works best for you to fly down? I'm looking at the end of Oct. Thurs. 28th fly in, and fly out Mon. Nov. 1st. Need to get flight booked quickly - so let me know if that works for you?? (Oh, saw your post on the Spooncat! Blog site. We might? be going to Thirsty Duck to check them out?) More about how things are going when we can talk on the phone. My mom has been my support over the phone this week. Love ya.
~ Denice

BBLogan said...

Book it sistah!

And...It's not confirmed yet...but I think Jeffrey may be playing in town that weekend. Whoohooo.

And...I'm calling you on the way home from work.