Open Water: The sharks are REAL.

On Sunday, John and I went to a matinee of Open Water. It was eerily great. While the movie is only 79 minutes long...it really packs a punch. John and I both agreed that we were glad that we didn't see it before we went on the cruise!

It is a story about a couple who go on an island vacation. While there, they take a scuba diving adventure. The dive master miscounts the number of people on the boat, and the two are left behind in "open water." Yikers.
The sharks in this film are not mechanical. The actors are really surrounded by actual sharks throughout the shoot. The fear on their faces was VERY BELIEVABLE...for obvious reasons.

It's the latest movie to come out of the Sundance Film Festival and the review made us want to see the movie. It is based on a true story. A few years ago an American couple disappeared of the coast of Australia, never to be found.

I love the way it was shot and all of the nat sound. You feel like you're in the water with them. Very unnerving.

So, not only is this a great movie, but it is also a movie made for less than $200,000 by a husband / wife team. How cool is that!

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