Nashville Zoo

John and I spent some time at the Zoo on Saturday and Monday. We got some great exercise and were able to see all the cool animals, too.

This summer a new section was added called "The Bamboo Trail." Clouded leopards, red pandas, ring-tailed lemurs, Schmidt's guenons, cassowaries and rhinoceros hornbills are all part of the new bamboo habitat. It is VERY cool and the bamboo is huge.

My favorites in the new trail are the lemurs, clouded leopards, guenons and the red pandas. Outside of that, my favs are the gibbons, the otters, the tigers, cougars and the cheetahs.

Animal Planet actually aired a "Growing Up Clouded Leopard" series in August that followed the lives of the two clouded leopards at the Nashville Zoo. Pretty cool.

Right now, the Nashville Zoo is also in the process of adding a new Elephant habitat that will eventually include giraffes, too. That won't be complete until the end of next year (I think). It is going to be incredible.

While we were there on Monday morning, we met a docent named Barbara. She was really cool and told us all about the docent program at the Zoo. John even gave her our names to have someone give us a call about possibly becoming docents. As you all know, John would be GREAT at this! He already knows everything about practically every animal at every zoo we've ever visited. So, I hope he does it. We may even consider participating as a team. I'll keep you posted on what we do.

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