The Frothy Monkey experience.

Wow...I just realized that I almost missed telling you about Saturday night. John made tacos. (mmmmmmggood.) Then we went over to the "Frothy Monkey" for a cup o' Joe before we went to see Victor Krauss at The Basement.

Frothy Monkey:
First, let me say that John and I hadn't been there before. We knew we wanted a cup of coffee but didn't want to stay home...and we didn't want Starbuck's. Originally we were planning to head over to Bongo Java's "Fidos" and hang. It's usually pretty crowded there, especially on the weekends. So, as we were driving, we were trying to think of somewhere else we might try. Thinking we would see if Portland Brew was open on 12th street, we took a detour. John also mentioned that there was a new place called the "Frothy Monkey" but we weren't sure if that was open or if it was what we were looking for.

Well, as soon as we saw the sign, John and I both knew we wanted to pull in. It is a little refurbished house with an expanded porch. Inside, it was also very inviting with low, warm lighting and a comfy atmosphere. We ordered a couple cups of coffee and sat out on the porch for a visit. It was great. We'll definitely go back again.

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