JC Visits / Country Ribs / BB gets sick

We had a visitor from up North this week. John Coleman (JC) was in town Sunday night through today. It was great seeing him. He was here because he plays keys / B3 with Renee Austin who performed at Bourbon Street on Tuesday night in Nashville.

Monday night, John and I invited the whole Renee Austin Band over for country ribs, creamed potatoes and corn on the cob. Good stuff. Johnny the Clock cooked the ribs...excellent as usual.

Tuesday, JC played with Renee. John got to sit in with the band. I have it from a reliable source that he kicked butt...of course.

The downside of this week is that I've been sick since Tuesday. Sore throat, congestion, coughing and itchy everything. Missed work on Tuesday and Wednesday. Went to the doctor yesterday. He told me it was allergies and gave me some meds. I'm still not so sure that is all that it is going on. Today, I feel worse than I did yesterday! I may have to give him a call to see if he can give me something stronger!

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