Girls with Guitars

Yesterday was a crazy day. First...well...I worked. Then, I helped serve the Lenten supper at CLC and put up signs for our vision team stuff.

From there, I skipped-out on choir to see Micol and Ricky Davis ( BMT) play with Girls with Guitars at Douglas Corner. Well, Ricky technically backed Micol-up...since he's not a girl and all.

It was a GREAT night of incredible performers. Micol, of course, blew everyone away once again. I think eight women performed over the course of the night and Micol was the only one that the crowd demanded sing an extra song at the end of her set. (No surprise here!)

One of my new favorite Nashville chick writers was hosting the night, Cindy Kalmenson . She's an incredible writer, singer and person. I've only just met her but hope to get to know her better. She's got a GREAT spirit.

Another cool aspect of the night was getting to see Mindy Smith who came out to see Micol perform. (Micol and she are good friends.) She's taking a little break from the road to write. Mindy also just finished shooting a video that I'm sure we'll all be seeing soon on CMT...I think she said the video is for the song "One Moment More" but I can't remember for sure. She's good stuff and if you haven't checked out her album...it's definitely a keeper.

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