TONIGHT at 6:15!!!

Just wanted to give you a quick reminder that I'm playing tonight at the French Quarter Cafe in East Nashville. Joining me are Kiwamu Stewart (guitar) and Johnnny the Clock (percussion). They'll be kickin' in the grooves and makin' things feel good.

If you're not sure where to find the French Quarter, below is the address and a link to Mapquest so you can find your way from where you are...and then there you are...will be...? Well...you get my drift. ;)

French Quarter Cafe
823 Woodland Street
Phone : 615-227-3100

Mapquest driving directions link:

Hopefully, I'll see some of you tonight!

UPDATE: Saw TONS OF YOU at the gig Thursday night (2/10). THANK YOU so much for coming out to support my music habit. Lindadblu, Daisy, Betty, Patricia, Tim, Donna, Bill, Rick, Rollie, Rosemary, Gary, Marilyn, Frank, Beth, Mike, Bob, Jenny, Julia & friend, Dawn, Melissa, Kiwamu and JTC...y'all ROCK.

NEXT GIG: French Quarter; 2/24 at 7 p.m.

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