Falling from the sky

I'm sure everyone knows about this story already... since it's been everywhere all week. But, last night I was mesmerized by an interview with Shayna Richardson on CNN.

In October, during her first solo dive, Shayna's parachute didn't work. Then her reserve chute malfunctioned as well. She fell 3,000 feet out of the sky, hit the an asphalt parking lot going 50 miles an hour and survived to tell about it. To top it all off she found out that she was two weeks pregnant in the emergency room after the fall... and the baby survived, too.

A miracle perhaps?!
I think so.

Do you suppose that child is bound for greatness? I mean, really. For her life and the baby's life to be spared, she must be carrying a future world leader or something! Wouldn't that be wild?

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