Songwriter links and holiday travels

Check out the blogroll over there to the left... I added some new links for some of my songwriter friends. Just discovered that they've all got MySpace sites. Pretty cool. I'll keep adding them as I find more...

On another note, JTC and I are on a holiday adventure... Touring Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota. We'll be back on 12/30... so watch for photos of the trip when we get back. In the meantime, I'll be posting as often as I can get to a computer.

I'll be thinking of y'all here in "balmy" Nashville.


Alison said...

Have fun and be safe! We'll miss ya! :)

Denice said...

Hey...I've got a "myspace" now also. Just set it up this week. I'll talk to ya on the phone or send ya an e-mail to give ya the info. It's kinda fun setting up, but I have quite a bit of work to do on it yet. Maybe you could give me some suggestions. So glad you're able to get back home to visit! Have a safe trip when you're traveling. I'll be thinking of you!!

~ Denice